Topics & Format

Experience the full congress energy! The Congress is designed for in-person interaction. 

There will be no virtual or hybrid sessions. 

Main Scientific Topics

  • DCD, Preservation and Machine Perfusion
  • Infectious Diseases and Liver Transplantation
  • Cardiovascular Topics in Liver Transplantation
  • Liver Transplant Immunology
  • Liver Transplant Oncology
  • Acute Chronic Liver Failure
  • The Digital Liver Transplant Patient
  • Diagnostics and Therapeutic Interventions
  • Precision Medicine and Biomarkers in Liver Transplantation
  • Anesthesia/Critical Care
  • Living Donor Transplantation
  • HBV and Liver Transplantation
  • Liver Transplantation for Pediatric Metabolic Liver Diseases
  • Microsurgery

Main Scientific Formats

Featured Symposia

In each of the ten featured symposia, a focus is placed on a specific topic, with selected expert speakers and delegates able to share experiences and relevant research findings in interactive question and answer times allotted to each session. Featured symposia are moderated by two chairpersons, with four to five invited speakers per session. Several of the feature symposia also take on a different format to include debates, expert panels, and panel discussions.

Vanguard Sessions

Sessions organized by the Vanguard Committee in three different formats:

Vanguard Grand Round Case Presentation includes presentations of three interesting cases selected by the Vanguard Committee for their educational value. A senior discussant assigned to each case makes comments, and the audience is encouraged to ask questions and engage in a discussion.

Vanguard Debates feature counterpoint views from leading experts selected by the Vanguard Committee on three different hot topics in liver transplantation today.

Vanguard Surgical Video Session is centered around the presentation of 3 selected surgical videos. The presentations of surgical procedures by the author are followed by a discussion with the audience moderated by the session chairs.

Meet the Experts

The MTE Sessions have been placed in the specially set-up Knowledge Hub of the Congress Center. This space has been developed with a goal to create a more relaxed, interactive environment which would facilitate conversation and an exchange between the Speakers and the participants. The number of participants in the Knowledge Hub is limited to 50 and the audience will therefore be formed on a first come – first served basis. There is no possibility of pre-registration.

Pre-Meeting Symposium

The Pre-Meeting Symposium consists of three thematic sessions centered around hot topics in liver transplantation today. Providing a theory-to-practice perspective on an issue, during 5 hours, selected experts present the newest research and engage in debates around the subject, taking different perspectives. Each of the three sessions is moderated by two co-chairs.


Highly interactive in-depth sessions dedicated to specific topics, allowing for a discussion of a variety of aspects and an exchange of ideas in the presence of selected faculty and subject-matter experts.

In Focus Pre-Sessions

1,5 to 2,5h long Pre-Meeting sessions designed around a specific topic of interest: Focused on both clinical and research areas, these sessions provide exhaustive up-to-date information presented from various perspectives, allowing attendees to integrate the knowledge acquired into their everyday practice.

Rising Star Symposium

This stand-alone plenary session features four to five abstracts selected for their excellence are presented by young investigator/mentor teams in an interactive presentation: The mentor presents the background information on the topic while the young investigator follows with a presentation of the data submitted in the abstract. The session chairs moderate the discussion.

Plenary Abstract Sessions

7 outstanding abstracts relating to different themes of liver transplantation will be presented in two stand-alone session. Each presentation is followed by a short question and answer session facilitated by the two co-chairs.

State-of-the-Art Lectures

A 30-minute session featuring one keynote speaker on a selected topic per session. The invited speaker is a world-leading expert in the field, able to offer deep up-to-date insights and findings, highlight open questions and discuss strategies that need to be addressed in the future. The session is moderated by one senior ILTS member.

Best of ILTS

The closing session synthesizes the noteworthy presentations made during the ILTS Congress divided into three main specialty sections: anesthesia, hepatology, and surgery. The ILTS Congress summary of the three specialties focuses on critical issues addressed, important results presented, and key recommendations put forward.

Concurrent Oral Abstract Session

Noteworthy abstracts from each abstract category presented in parallel-running sessions. Concurrent oral abstract sessions are presented into themes that address new research in each of the categories. Each presentation is followed by a short question and answer session facilitated by the two co-chairs.

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