Industry Program


Treatment and Assessment of Liver Grafts During HOPE

Thursday 2 May, 15:10-15:40, Sponsored – Knowledge Hub Presentation

Speaker: Philipp Dutkowski Prof. Dr. Med., Professor of Surgery, Deputy Head of Visceral Surgery, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

Cool Perspectives – Pushing the Boundaries of Liver Perfusion

Thursday 2 May, 15:15-16:15, Woodway III – Sponsored symposium

The scarcity of donated organs suitable for transplantation continues to remain a challenge. To continue increased utilization of available donated livers, machine perfusion will be key. Join us in exploring how cutting-edge advancements help push the boundaries of liver perfusion at our symposium, Cool Perspectives. During this symposium you will learn from experts as they share the latest research, their clinical experience and give a glimpse of how the unique flexibility of XVIVO’s machine perfusion technology can help increase utilization of donor livers.


  1. Welcome

         15:15-15:17    Johan Holmström (XVIVO)

  1. Introduction

    15:17-15:20    Linda Sher, Prof. MD – Keck School of Medicine of USC, Los Angeles (US)

  1. Time Matters: Game-Changing Approach to Prolonging Liver Preservation with DHOPE

    15:20-15:35   Janina Eden, Dr. med. – UMC Groningen, Groningen (NL)

  1. Navigating the Cold: Current State and Strive for Assessment – The Vienna Experience

    15:35-15:50  Gabriella Berlakovich, Prof. Dr. med. – Universitätsklinikum AKH Wien, Vienna (AT)

  1. Expanding Availability: Combined temperatures and combined perfusions: What’s Next? 

    15:50-16:05  Jeroen de Jonge,, PhD – Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (NL)

A road to Biomarker Guided Immunoppression Optimization

Thursday 2 May, 15:45-16:15, Sponsored Knowledge Hub presentation

Speaker: Dr. Jon Friedman, CMO of Transplant Genomics

NMP: Global Solutions for Global Challenges

Friday 3 May, 12:30-13:30, Woodway III,  Sponsored Symposium

Around the globe, machine perfusion is changing the way we transplant organs, transforming practice on a scale not seen for decades.

The advantages of normothermic machine preservation have been studied over the past decade but the extent of its effect on clinical practice and the economics of organ transplantation is just now coming into focus.  In this session, we will explore how three institutions, operating on three continents with marked differences in geography, patient populations, case volumes, staffing models and transplant economics, have leveraged normothermic machine perfusion to address prevailing local challenges. Discover how this technology can benefit liver transplant programs of all types and walk away inspired by what it might do within your own program.

Introductions by:

Professor Peter Friend, MD – Professor of Transplantation, Oxford University, UK – Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, OrganOx Ltd.


NMP in the UK: WhatDifference Has It Made?

David Nasralla, MD – Consultant HPB and Liver Transplant Surgeon – Royal Free Hospital, London. UK

NMP: Does it Meet the Australian Challenge?

Graham Starkey, MD – Consultant HPB and Liver Transplant Surgeon – Austin Health, Melbourne. AU

NMP: Is it cost effective in the US?

Renee Bennett – Senior director Enterprise Transplantation BSN, MSN – Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

Evolution of Preservation: Leveraging Innovation to Drive Donor Liver Utilization

Friday 3 May, 15:15-16:15, Woodway III – Sponsored Symposium


Michael Tajima, Chief Strategy Officer, Paragonix Technologies

Consistent Patterns: Attenuation of Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Using Controlled Hypothermic Preservation

Speaker: Aleah Brubaker, MD, PhD, UC San Deigo Health

Topic: Presentation of preclinical data on impact of Controlled Hypothermic Preservation on liver graft viability post-transplant. 

Overcoming Distance and Donor Complexities: Enabling Successful Transplants of Long Distance and Declined Donor Livers

Speaker: Kiran Dhanireddy, MD, FACS, Tampa General Hospital

Topic: Single-centre experience of using Controlled Hypothermic Preservation to place high-risk donor livers

Past sessions

OCS Liver: The New Benchmark for Liver Transplantation

Thursday 2 May, 12:30-13:30, Galleria IV – Sponsored symposium

Amit Mathur MD
Mayo Clinic Arizona, Scottsdale AZ
Elizabeth Pomfret MD
University of Colorado, Denver CO



  1. OLP Registry Report: Achieving superior graft and patient survival

    Mark Hobeika MD
    Houston Methodist, Houston TX


  1. Benefits of using OCS Liver with DBD Donors

    Madhukar Patel MD
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas TX


  1. Realizing the full potential of DCD livers to achieve excellent outcomes

    Aleah Brubaker, MD PhD
    University of California San Diego, San Diego CA


  1. Transformation of Transplant programs with OCS Liver

    Marwan Kazmi MD
    Emory University, Atlanta GA


  1. Review of the U.S. National OCS Program (NOP) for Liver Transplantation 

    Waleed Hassanein, MD
    TransMedics, Inc., Andover MA