ILTS Membership

The International Liver Transplantation Society (ILTS) is a global non-profit specialist society dedicated to education, research, and international collaboration in all aspects of liver transplantation. It comprises physicians, scientists, nurses, and allied health professionals from transplant centers worldwild. More than 95% of members are medical specialists, including surgeons, hepatologists, anesthesiologists, critical care specialists, pathologists, and radiologists, who may be in active practice, full-time research, or training.

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Online education: 500+ lectures, webinars and commentaries.
  • Discounts on the ILTS Annual Congress and other meetings.
  • Subscription to official ILTS Journal Transplantation.
  • Worldwide directory of transplant centers and fellowships
  • ILTS Member Directory with affiliations and special interests
  • Expert-led Special Interest Groups and online forums
  • Travel awards, scholarships, career development opportunities
  • 60% discount for trainees, scientists and emerging regions

Annual Membership rates

Membership rates depend on individual circumstances. In most countries, the rate for qualified specialists is $275. This is reduced to $100 for individuals in the following categories:

  • Designated middle-income countries (click here for list)
  • Residents, fellows, medical students, and others in full-time education
  • Non-clinical scientists and researchers
  • Nurses, nurse practitioners, transplant coordinators, and all allied health professionals
  • Senior members retired from clinical practice

All members (regular and associate) can be appointed to Committee Chair, Council, and Executive positions.