Case Presentations

Case presentations in the Vanguard Grand Rounds Session

The Vanguard Committee has selected 3 interesting cases that are to be presented and discussed in the Vanguard Grand Rounds Case Presentations Session at the Congress.

Each selected case is appointed a senior discussant that is an expert on the topic linked to the case and will further facilitate the discussion with the case presenter.

To see the selected cases and the senior discussants appointed to each case – please see the session in the online program.

20 minutes have been allocated to each case: Case presenters will have 8 minutes in total to present their case. The senior discussant will open the discussion and comment on the case. The last 5 minutes are open to questions from the audience.

We would like to remind the presenters that no data and graphic images which reveal the patient’s identity should be included in the presentation.

Case presentation in the Hot Topics in Infectious Diseases Symposium

Following a Case Conest, Infections Diseases SIG has selected one case to be part of its Hot Topics in Infectious Diseases Symposium.

Assistance and Contact

For any assistance for the submission of the cases please contact the Scientific Secretariat at:

.Registration and Visa Requirements

The case presenters must register for the Congress.
Please check visa requirements for traveling to USA here.