2024 Abstract categories

  • Allied Health Professionals in Liver Transplantation
  • Anesthesia / Critical Care Medicine / Acute Liver Failure
  • Basic Science / Translational Research / Tolerance Induction
  • Comorbidities and Liver Transplantation Outcomes / Immunosuppression
  • Donation after Circulatory Death and Machine Perfusion
  • Donor Selection Criteria / Patient Selection / Organ Allocation
  • Living Donor Transplantation and Advanced Liver Surgery
  • Pathology / Infection
  • Pediatrics
  • Transplant Oncology / Radiology
  • Surgical Videos

Abstract submission is now closed

Both Regular and Late-Breaking Submission is now CLOSED and notifications have been sent out to abstract presenters. In case you have not received the notification(s), please check your spam folder and/or contact the ILTS Abstracts Team at abstracts-congress@ilts.org.


Kindly note that, in order for their abstract(s) to be included in the program, all presenting authors must:

  1. Confirm their participation at the Congress (the notification email contains a personalized confirmation link)
  2. Register for the Congress.

Physical presence/registration of the author designated as presenting author is required in order for the abstract to be included in the program.

In case you cannot be physically present at the Congress, you are requested to notify the Abstract Team at abstracts-congress@ilts.org of either:

  1. A change in presenting/ePoster author*; (this author should be registered for the Congress)
  2. A withdrawal of your abstract from the program. By choosing to decline your presentation, your abstract will be withdrawn from the program. Please follow up by an email to the Abstract Team confirming the withdrawal.

*kindly note the changes of presenting authors can be reported by April 1st 2024 at the latest.

Assistance and contact

For any assistance for the submission of the abstract please contact the Abstract Team of the Scientific Secretariat at: abstracts-congress@ilts.org

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