Call for Papers

Authors of abstracts submitted in the regular submission period should have now received the notifications of abstract acceptance.


Late-Breaking Abstract submission deadline extended until February 25th, 23:59 CST (Houston Time)

The submission for late-breaking abstracts for the ILTS Annual Congress is open until February 25, 2024, 23:59 CST (Houston Time)

Be sure to consult the guidelinesFor any questions regarding your abstracts please contact abstracts-congress@ilts.org

Accepted abstracts will be published on the Education section of ILTS website (accessible for delegates and members of ILTS only), as well as in the official ILTS Journal.


2024 Abstract categories

  • Allied Health Professionals in Liver Transplantation
  • Anesthesia / Critical Care Medicine / Acute Liver Failure
  • Basic Science / Translational Research / Tolerance Induction
  • Comorbidities and Liver Transplantation Outcomes / Immunosuppression
  • Donation after Circulatory Death and Machine Perfusion
  • Donor Selection Criteria / Patient Selection / Organ Allocation
  • Living Donor Transplantation and Advanced Liver Surgery
  • Pathology / Infection
  • Pediatrics
  • Transplant Oncology / Radiology
  • Surgical Videos

Assistance and contact

For any assistance for the submission of the abstract please contact the Abstract Team of the Scientific Secretariat at: abstracts-congress@ilts.org

Instructions to Authors

Carefully read the guidelines below before submitting your abstract. Acknowledgement of the receipt of your submission will be sent to the corresponding author’s e-mail address immediately upon submission. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, please do not submit the abstract again, instead please contact the Scientific Secretariat at abstracts-congress@ilts.org for advice.

Invited speakers are not to submit abstracts for the lectures to which they are invited.


Ethical Statement

The ILTS is an international society of transplant professionals and we support the international standards of informed, uncoerced consent of organ donors and prohibitions on trafficking of organ donors for profit. Authors should verify that presented research studies do not involve the use of material from executed prisoners or material from recipients of organs or tissues of executed prisoners.



Please note: Inclusion of the abstract in the program is dependent on the registration of the presenting author.

The presenting author should use the same email address used in the submission process when registering for the Congress. Should the presenting author be changed, same rules and regulations apply. Please note that the possibility of changing the presenting author will not be extended after April 1, 2024.

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